Recycling Bins

Warren Community Church- Warren MI.

Warren Community Church- Warren MI.

The DAV Recycling Bin program is a great way for everyone to win.

It truly is…

Our bins are a primary way for us to gather goods for our two DAV Thrift Stores, that part is obvious. But what you may not know is that our bin partners also raise money by hosting a bin. So not only are the donations supporting the DAV but also the host- usually a school or a church. Each month we write back thousands of dollars to our partner organizations.

But that’s not the whole story. We all understand the basics of recycling “Reduce, Reuse & Recycle”. We fulfill the second step of finding second use for your donation, and for any unusable donation we recycle it as fully as possible. If any donation is not fit for reuse than we move to recycle the donation in the tradition sense at our facility in Madison Heights MI.

Recycling Clothes and Cardboard 10/21/2016

Recycling Clothes and Cardboard 10/21/2016

Recycling Clothes 10/21/2016

Recycling Clothes 10/21/2016

         So every time you make your tax deductible donation at our bins you’re giving yourself a possible deduction, the host organization funds for their needs, the DAV valuable income and participating in an active recycling program.



Rogers Elementary- Berkley MI. Berkley Schools


Angell Elementary- Berkley Schools.

Michigan Green Schools program.

Our bins qualify as an activity towards the Michigan Green Schools program. We are at 50+ green schools in Oakland and Macomb county right now.

kids with bin2

Ojibwa Elementary- Macomb MI. Chippewa Valley Schools

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Our Recycling Bins are located on the maps below, sorted by county the bins are in.

Oakland County Map

Macomb County Map

Wayne County Map

Ojibwa Elementary- 5th Grade

Ojibwa Elementary- 5th Grade